Routine maintenance for Delta X S

Delta X S robots should be checked every 2 months. Belts and ball joints need to be ensured the most stable and accurate operation.

I. Tighten the belt inside the reducer.


  1. Make sure the arms are securely attached to the robot body.
  2. Power the robot so that the arms are kept stationary.
  3. Shake the arm slightly vertically and check "a" value.

If a < 4mm, the belt is still in good tension, no need to re-tension.
If a > 4mm, then tension the belt.

        4. Do not let the belt be too tight, just turn the bolts 1 and 2 until they have a little stiff, then stop. If a > 4mm, we switch to screwing bolts 3 and 4.

When tensioning the belt, we turn bolt 1 and bolt 2 respectively (rotated at an angle of about 60 degrees), then check the value of a again. Value of a < 4mm is ok.

The way to screw bolts 3 and 4 is the same as bolts 1 and 2, turn until they have a bit stiff, then stop.

II. Clean and lubricate ball joints

The ball joint can wear out during operation so a food-safe lubricant such as NSF H1 is recommended.