About Delta X


Delta X Robot is a robot brand owned by Delta X Robotics company, a startup specializing in the fields of robots and artificial intelligence. We focus on researching and developing robots that are optimal in price but still achieve high performance, to bring convenience and efficiency to our customers.

Although a small company, Delta X Robotics is proud to perform the entire process of R&D, manufacturing, and commerce for its products. We believe that the combination of artificial intelligence and robots will bring great opportunities to solve complex problems in life.

Delta X Robot is an affordable but efficient delta robot for the education and industrial segments. We provide 3 models of delta robots: Delta X 1, Delta X 2, and Delta X S, used for automation applications that require speed and flexibility. We believe that our products can be applied in many fields, from packaging, food processing to agriculture, healthcare, services, and many other industries.

We hope that our products will bring great opportunities to solve complex problems for our customers. With an affordable price, Delta X Robot will be a perfect choice for projects that require flexibility and efficiency at a reasonable cost.