Drawing with Delta X 2

First, open Delta X software and connect to your Delta robot.

Next, click New button to create a new g-code file:

Rename your file:

Next, save your file:

Next, choose Drawing tab:

Click the Load Image button and choose the image you want to draw:

Next, choose Move Type and Conversion Tool type:

Next, click the Draw button:

And now, your image will appear here:

You can scale your image by input the H(Height) value and W(Width) value(mm) into these box and click Draw button again:

Next, choose the Pen type to draw with a pen.

Next, click the Export G-code button:

And the G-code command will be generated into the G-code Editor:

Next, you must change the value of  #200 and #201 variables

Finally, save your G-code and click Execute button.

You can refer more here.